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I am a Chattanooga wedding photographer for adventurous couples who are obsessed with each other. Unlike many other wedding photographers in Chattanooga, TN, I am willing to climb, hike, swim or crawl to get the shots you’ve always dreamed of.

It Will Not be Awkward

We’ve all had that awkward photo shoot where you just don’t know what to do with your hands. I take all that awkwardness out of photography by prompting you instead of posing you. You will always have something to do rather having a way to “look” which is what makes those other sessions so uncomfortable. I have gotten really good at making my clients forget that we are even doing a photoshoot. I might ask you to do some silly things, but tag along with me and you will love the end results. I am laid back, but punctual and goofy enough to keep you and your wedding guests laughing and having a great time through all of your photos. You will love having me as your wedding photographer, I promise.

Wedding Photography


Lets Have an Adventure

I’ll hike that mountain or brave those rapids in order to get the shots of your dreams. I live in Chattanooga, TN but I’m also one of the best Nashville wedding photographers. From the pedestrian bridge, Love Circle, Bicentennial Mall State Park to nearby Cummins Falls, we make magic happen in Nashville just like we can in Asheville,NC, Knoxville, TN or Atlanta, GA. I love to explore new places and meet the challenge of photographing them head on.

No Sneaky Fees

My wedding packages are all inclusive, meaning that I will not hit you up for money after you’ve paid your agreed upon balance, that’s something most Asheville, Knoxville, Nashville or Chattanooga Wedding photographers won’t guarantee. I am an artist, not a salesperson. I cannot stand the feeling of someone pressuring me into a sale and regardless of what the other southeastern US wedding photographers are doing, I will never try any sleazy sales tactics on you. Just like my artwork, I like to keep my life simple and that means charging a flat rate and not wasting my time milking my clients for all they are worth. It’s just not my style.

Wedding Photography

Oh, and every. single. wedding. gallery. comes with over 700 high resolution, professionally edited photos and stays up for at least one year. They also come with a print release and an option to order high end prints from my lab. You don’t have to use my lab, but you are totally welcome to. (way better than printing at Walmart, Costco, Walgreens etc -but to each their own)

My Style

Speaking of style, my photography style is considered dark + moody. I love shadow and contrast and, as any educated photographer knows, you must have shadow to create a technically accurate photo. If you are looking for the light and airy style of photography, that is not me but I’ll be happy to help you find someone who is. I have lots of connections with wedding photographers in ChattanoogaNashvilleAshevilleKnoxville and Atlanta and I’d be happy to give you a list of referrals in any of those cities.

If you love the outdoors or travel and you are looking for a photographer or wedding vendor who isn’t into sugar coating, loves having a great time, who will capture the moments of your wedding in beautiful artistic vision and who is punctual (delivers galleries on time —- yeah, I’m a unicorn) then hit me up!

Wedding Photography

About Me!

I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. I have worked in the photography and arts industry in Chattanooga since 2010 and I’ve been picture making and painting since early childhood.

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