I have been following Stormie’s baby #2 story since she signed up to be a model for my “A Baby Story” project almost 6 months ago. The first time I met this adorable family of three was at Veteran’s Park in Soddy Daisy, about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga, TN, for their gender reveal party where they found out they are having another baby girl!!! Gosh, I have one baby girl, she’s light of my world, but, being the laid back tomboy type who doesn’t like drama or care if my nails are up to par with everyone else’s, I’m not sure what I would do with two little princesses. I stay on the struggle bus, but Stormie and AJ have totally GOT THIS! I saw Stormie and Brynlie again at the shower. I stopped by to snap a few photos because I like covering all the bases and it’s definitely part of the baby story. Is she not the most adorable Momma you’ve ever laid eyes upon?! I mean seeeeriously!! This weekend we did a session at Crabtree Christmas Tree Farm in Harrison, also about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga. I picked up a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree with one single ornament for 10 bucks, it’s so cute and I named him Charlie. The weather in the Tennessee Valley has not been kind to photographers lately. It’s raining one minute, then it’s sun shining and rainbows, then fog and sprinkles again within an hour. So, of course, this is was the second or third time we scheduled this maternity session and still, it rained, but I am so glad it did because these photos are EVERYTHING, humans, they are everything! Christmas Tree Minis Maternity Christmas Tree Minis Maternity Christmas Tree Minis Maternity Christmas Tree Minis Maternity Christmas Tree Minis Maternity I am so freakin’ excited to meet this little girl and capture her first days of life with this gorgeous little family. She’s a lucky little duck.

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I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. I have worked in the photography and arts industry in Chattanooga since 2010 and I’ve been picture making and painting since early childhood.

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