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Of all the wedding photographers in Chattanooga, TN, I don’t know anyone who kicks hiking & kayaking ass quite like me. You’ve probably already heard me say this, but I am not here for stiff, posed photos. As a Chattanooga wedding photographer, I want organic moments, real laughs, stares and embraces. Studios are great, I have one, but a studio doesn’t allow room for running through fields of flowers or climbing boulders or picnics under big oak trees for your engagement shoot. Most Chattanooga weddings are held at least partially outside these days and I am not complaining. My clients love being outside, they relish warm rays of sun on their skin, dipping their fingers in the water and running through the yard barefoot. Chattanooga

It won’t be awkward. Promise!

Part of my photography style incorporates a newer term in the industry called “unposed.” When I first started in photography, before college, I emulated those who had taken my picture in the past. “Stand here, put your foot here, tilt your head, smile” and people noticed those awkward smiles. I specifically remember having family photos made at the Gordon Lee Mansion and I was told to “look serious” but I am NOT serious. It’s super obvious that I was fighting back laughter in the photo and everyone noticed. All of the comments on Facebook were about that one photo where my face looked weird. The sad thing is it would have been a great photo if only I hadn’t been made to force a face that’s not even part of my personality. At first I tried the same tactic, “stand here, put your foot there, tilt your head, smile” but I could feel how awkward people felt. Did I mention I am empathic?  Sometimes they would even say “what do I do with my hands?” My first thought was to respond with, “I don’t know!” I’ve developed a style of photography that doesn’t use posing AT ALL. Yay!! Instead of telling you how to stand and look, I tell you what to DO! One of my favorite posing prompts is, “In your sexiest voice, whisper the names of as man breakfast cereals as you can think of into your partner’s ear.” So, yeah, I might ask you to do silly things, but you will be IN LOVE with the final results. I promise. wedding

Let me show you around!

When I think Chattanooga, TN I see the River Gorge, Sunset Rock, The Market Street Bridge and Coolidge Park with a bunch of kayakers making their way to Audubon Island, formerly known as Ross’ Landing Island, Maclellan Island, Crutchfield Island and Chattanooga Island. It’s the one in the Tennessee River next to Coolidge Park) This city inspired in me a love for the outdoors and I love passing that along to others through my work. You name it, if it involves Chattanooga photography, I’ve probably shot there. The Choo Choo, The Tennessee Aquarium, Market Street Bridge, Coolidge Park, Snoopers Rock, Sunset Rock, Reflection Riding, Greenway Farms and the list goes on. I’m a local who loves this city from an outsider’s perspective. I know all the best spots. outdoor If you are planning your wedding in Chattanooga, TN or you are a couple or family visiting my beloved city, I would be honored to show you around Chattanooga style and photograph you and your family loving every minute of everything this city has to offer.

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I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. I have worked in the photography and arts industry in Chattanooga since 2010 and I’ve been picture making and painting since early childhood.

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